At Boot Camp Life Coaching ® , we believe that everyone has the ability to design a life they love.  Our firm is here to help you along in that journey.  As your coach, we will be your co-architect in putting the design details together and making the design one you love and one that lasts!

Our university-certified coaches know the questions to ask.  Our ground-breaking methods and coaching programs are action driven, results oriented and based upon positive psychology.  We focus our clients on what IS working, as opposed to what hasn’t been working. We help people move forward quickly and eliminate excuses and procrastination.

Making a change in your life is not easy.  With Boot Camp Life Coaching ®, you won’t remain bogged down in fear, worry, anxiety, anger or negative thinking.  We will have you creating a vision of where you want to be and then heading quickly in the direction of designing and implementing a detailed action plan towards change.


All of our university-certified professional coaches and consulting partners have decades of personal and professional experience in various business and creative fields.  Our founder, Christine, is a New York University certified professional coach, motivational speaker, author, teacher and financial restructuring expert who is always looking for her next big adventure.

Are you ready for us to help you design YOUR next big life adventure?